Food Ordering and Delivery System

As the world is heading towards a new era which is modern, vibrant and fast, so do the people who live in it. People are so dynamic and vibrant; they need everything in a snap. And even more, many are not willing to wait for a long time. Food is one of the main things where people lose their patience, especially when it comes to waiting for prolonged hours. Food delivery management software is designed to order their favorite food online and to get it delivered anywhere the customer wish. And also they can pay online or manually at the time of delivery. This software can be installed in mobile phones and can be used whenever and wherever the user wishes.


Simple and easy registration steps to taste the delicious food.

Track food orders and get real-time status of the order.

Once the food is approved by the restaurant it will pass to the nearest delivery boy who can take the order and delivery to the customer respectively.

Customers can give reviews and ratings according to restaurant service, food quality, pricing and other factors.

Pick nearest based on the preferable locations, food choices, and suitable timings.

Select a restaurant by checking customers’ reviews and ratings.

Attractive discounts and offers can be integrated for the customers to get the best deals.

Manage payment details, profiles, notifications, addresses for a better experience.

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